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Welcome to Treats For Kids

Hi I'm Neo and I set up Treats For Kids at the end of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I believe that ALL children deserve treats especially those going through a hard time.
Thanks to everybody's support and generosity Treats For Kids has so far been able to provide treats to over 12,000 children (12,901 to be exact!). 
Please look around the website to find out more information about Treats For Kids, have a read of my blogs and subscribe to keep up to date with all the future appeals and initiatives.

Easter Egg Appeal 2023: Welcome
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Easter Egg Appeal 2023

In our Easter Egg Appeal 2023, with the help and support from everybody that contributed, we have managed to donate 2,500 treats to children through a record-breaking 15 different charities and organisations. Our next appeal will be the Advent Calendar Appeal 2023 taking place in the build up to Christmas. Please keep an eye out for any future blogs and updates to do with the upcoming Advent Calendar Appeal.

Easter Egg Appeal 2023: About Us
Easter Egg Appeal 2023: About

How you can help

Easter Egg Appeal 2023: Our Causes

By donating treats to give to children

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Keep an eye out for the Advent Calendar Appeal 2023!

Easter Egg Appeal 2023: Donate

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Easter Egg Appeal 2023: Contact Us
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